Assessing the Impact Your Technology Has on the Business
If you find yourself concerned about the technology driving your business today, ask yourself, 'does our current technology meet the demands of today's business?' What is your sales team saying about your technology? What are your customers saying about your technology? Is there a competitor out there that has better technology than you do? From a technology perspective, are you well positioned to continue your company's growth into the future?

Take Our Assessment

Take our assessment to see if your technology is holding you back or if it meets today's standards and can meet the demands of the future.

How are you using software technology to stretch the edges of your business strategy or unlock new capabilities?

How does your technology strategy impact the levers that drive your P&L, revenue, cost of goods and G&A?

How well will you be able to effectively scale technology to meet the needs of your business and stay ahead of the competition?

Have technology deficiencies been a reason that you have lost a customer, prospective customers, or any market share?

Are you able to answer YES to the most important technology and security questions asked in an RFP or from an important client?

What in your business plans reflect the full potential of technology to improve your performance?

The company's IT department has built your service to meet the needs of your clients; how does your technology meet the future requirements of the market and your clients?

What value is your business getting from its most important IT projects?

Does your IT department deliver a valuable service to your customers?

How are you establishing a process and culture that ensures your supply of next-generation IT talent?

Your company was targeted by hackers and cybercriminals; how confident are you that your confidential data would avoid being breached?

What is the process to ensure the latest software patches have been applied to your network?

Have you or your team setup the network for optimal performance ensuring your users are getting a great experience so that your offering can run at peak performance?

When was the last time your disaster recovery plan was reviewed and updated?

Based on your unique company needs, is your current IT system the best suited to meet these needs?

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